Work travel

Some people travel a lot for their work. Others pretty infrequently – when they are attending workshops or conferences. Some only travel when they are going on vacation. Today we are going to be talking about travelling for work. We Will cover vacation in another video. Travelling for work can mean that you may not have a choice about when you travel. Likely won’t be able to ask for conference dates to be changed or workshops to start and end at specific times. So with that in mind, I’ll give you the best in transit for travel.

I’ll also give you some tips for if you have to travel during times that are not Good.


One of the worst times to travel is during Mercury retrograde. If you haven’t heard about Mercury retrograde I’ll give you the scoop. Mercury retrograde is a time when communications and travel can break down and the planet can mess with things like your ticketing. Flights can change, be delayed or be cancelled. Cars can break down or need repair. In general, it’s a frustrating time. here are some tips If you have to travel during these times:

  1. Give yourself extra time.
  2. Fix car issues ahead of time
  3. Put an extra outfit in your carry-on bag if you are travelling on a plane because your baggage could go missing.
  4. Carry extra cash in case you need a hotel or you need to fix something.
  5. Be flexible and just roll with it.
  6. If you can have a sense of humour about it.

Other days that you want to avoid our when Mercury is square or opposite to Mars this is a gnarly transit – – there’s a lot of impatience and road/travel rage. Equipment can also break down and accidents are quite common so you want to apply the same kinds of tips I mentioned above with mercury retrograde. If you can, avoid it altogether.


For the best transits generally, any other time that doesn’t have the worst transit or pretty good times to travel however there are some really lovely times when you will enjoy the travel. Those are times when Mercury is making a positive aspect to Venus, Mars or Jupiter.

If you want to know the best times for travel and search for those times that you want to just avoid you can sign up for the business timing calendar. In it, you can search for mercury retrograde as well as good and bad Mercury transits to Mars Venus and Jupiter.