Rest and Relaxation: Best & Worst Astrology Transits

Downtime is an extremely important part of business and work life. We are not consistently productive! At least not in a linear way we are familiar with. Downtime is a different form of productivity. Our daily lives require us to be linear and logical. Goal-directed and assertive. Determined and competitive – but downtime is an important time for a reset and rebalance – particularly for women (who tend to be disconnected from their nonlinear nature). Not only that, astrologically, there are times when ‘doing’ things is a pure waste of energy. The reason is that those times ‘produce no outcomes’. So why not stop wasting time and use those times in the way they were intended – without guilt?

Best Transits

Good times for rest and relaxation (aka downtime).

One of the best times is when the moon is void-of-course. When the moon is void-of-course it makes no connections with any of the other planets. In a sense, it’s disconnected!  We end up doing this at times anyhow – we stare off and daydream, we end up reading over something several times with no retention. Our minds are also disconnected and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

The best way to use moon-void-of-course is to do something that you normally do – repetitive tasks like doing the dishes or the laundry. Or take a walk in nature, meditate or take a bath. This helps us to be productive in a non-linear way! Much like what happens when we meditate.

Worst Transits

The worst times for rest and relaxation are when the planets are making a sextile to one another. These are productive times when we can do quite a bit! The only problem is there’s a lazy quality to sextiles – so we can easily let the time go by.

Of course, there are other times when we are productive, but look for the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune pluto and even Saturn with sextiles to each other to avoid missing opportunities for productive times!

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