GoldNever a dull moment in my family, I had been trying to get hold of my Dad for a couple of days. Finally I got a text. “Sorry, I was in Guyana panning for gold”.

Panning for Gold!?

Most Dads go fishing or hunting and yes my Dad has done those things too. But I have to admire my Dad; a successful business man, enterprising and daring, if there is a chance to make money and be adventurous, he is all over it. So with Guyana experiencing a Gold Rush, my Dad and his friend decided to go check it out.

The fact that there is a gold rush happening does not surprise me. Neptune is currently transiting in Pisces. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was in 1848 when the “Gold Rush” in California occurred. The gold rush promised a chance at making money. There was low barrier to entry. Just find a river and start panning. This was the “California Dream”, and everyone believed that money could be earned quickly. The promise was new beginnings and fast wealth!

The gold rush didn’t just happen in California, it happened all over the world and at different periods beyond the Neptune in Pisces transit, but what really stood out about the California gold rush was just how many people went in search of riches (300,000 plus) from North America and around the world. Not only that, the idealism of the ‘California Dream’ rush kept on even after the rush was over! Yes, there were some who profited from panning gold, but most returned home with little more than what they came with – most only found ‘fool’s gold’ and many of the successful ones, were not successful from prospecting gold. In fact, the big profit winner’s were the suppliers – those who sold the pans and shovels or the entertainment.

This brings me to 2014 and the current gold rush. Yes there is a gold rush in Guyana, and Neptune is in Pisces and will be until 2026. Neptune went into Pisces in 2011, retrograded and entered again in 2012 – about the time when the gold rush in Guyana really heated up. Neptune rules mining. It also rules all that it nebulous, vague, and hard to pin down. It is always in the mix when there is deception or when we find ourselves in a fog. It’s certainly in the mix when our idealism peaks!

So, you may ask, did my Dad score any gold? Well I heard lots of stuff about government permit requirements and other precious stones, but I didn’t hear that they had struck it rich! Not from Gold. But my dad is a very smart business guy, so if he wanted to make money from this, he would have sat back and figured out where the real money was. He would likely be the one supplying the shovels as unglamorous as that sounds. I have no doubt that he would have been the one making the money. How do I know? Because I have seen him build up several successful enterprises over my life and I also see it in his Natal chart!

There is another “gold rush” that is happening right now. Well it’s not exactly Gold.. ..But it is ruled by Neptune…. it’s the Internet entrepreneur. Much like the gold miners during the gold rush of the 1840’s, becoming an internet entrepreneur these days is easy. Barrier to entry is low. Anyone can set up an internet site. Plugins to make your site do anything, commerce, graphics and low cost support are for the taking. There is low over overhead the potential to make lots of money. Its new beginnings and the potential for fast wealth exists… And you guessed it, the internet with it’s hard to see, hard to explain, “Just where does the internet live”? Quality is ruled by Pisces.

So the question is will you be successful? Well there are a couple of things to consider before you quit your job to pan for gold or to start your internet business.

#1 Where is the money? Is the money really in prospecting gold or the internet business? Yes, there will be those who make money from panning for gold or from an internet business teaching the ropes on how to make a successful internet business. But I believe making money is about finding what you are good at, passionate about and have a sense of purpose about. Yes some will find their purpose in mining and other in running a business, but not everyone. In astrology, look to the second house planets and second house ruler to give hints on what you will make money from. For example if you have mercury in the second house or ruling the second house, perhaps you make money from writing or speaking.

#2 Do you have what it takes to be a prospector or an entrepreneur? Mary struck it rich and she had it in her natal chart read here! I would put Mary’s chart here, but she doesn’t reveal her last name or her chart. But you can be sure that if you are to find treasure it will show up in your chart. The Sabian symbol for 6 degree’s Scorpio is to be lured by gold. At this degree is “A keen intellect, mainly reserved for work and material gain, deep emotions reserved for family and inner needs. Adventurous but makes wise use of resources. In business, a competitive opportunist” So maybe Mary had a planet at that degree? As for the successful entrepreneur; successful entrepreneurs can come from any sign, but those who are really successful often have planets in Aries which is enterprising, Scorpio which is shrewd or Capricorn which is ambitious. They most certainly have planets in money houses (the 2nd house and the 8th house) or planets in the 10th house of career and fame.

#3 It the timing right? Timing is everything! Those who were in on the action early in the gold rush where the ones to make the money. Are you late to the market? Is the market saturated? If it’s saturated, what is the next big thing? We can look at Jupiter, which expands everything it touches and whom transits through a sign every 12 months or so for tips on this. Jupiter is currently in Cancer, so the big markets right now are related to home and food. Jupiter will move into Leo in July and stay there for a year, so if you’re thinking ahead of the curve, you have likely put together a business plan for the arts or entertainment. Oh and by the way, Leo also rules gold! Two years from now Jupiter will be in Virgo. Maybe the markets to plan for at that time are drugs or healthcare.

Are there any markets or businesses that you are seeing lately that look like “fools gold” to you? Which look like they might be emerging? Leave a comment in the comment section and let me know what you think.