John Dee preforming an experiment before Queen Elizabeth I - John Dee used astrology among other tools to advise the Queen Oil painting by Gillard Glindoni
John Dee performing an experiment before Queen Elizabeth I – John Dee used astrology among other tools to advise the Queen Oil painting by Gillard Glindoni

When people think about astrology, the first thing that comes to mind is their own sun sign and birth date. But did you know that everything has a birth in astrology? We can look at the birth of a child or the birth of a relationship like a marriage, the start of a job, or anything else that begins. It should be no surprise that we can also look at the birth of a business.

Looking at the birth of a business can be done in several ways. We can look at an incorporation chart. If you are a sole proprietor, we can look at the business registration, business launch, or first money transaction as the birth. First money transaction, you might say? Do you mean to say that, out of excitement for your first dollar earned in your business, you didn’t frame it and write the very date and time you received it across the top? It’s okay if you didn’t. If you took payment electronically or used a cash register, you might have the date on time on the sale slip. Let’s hope you kept it.

With the date and time of your company’s birth, we now have the information to erect a chart. This chart shows us what signs the planets were in, where they were in relation to one another, and what house they were located in when the company was born. With this information, we can see its personality, customers, sales, finances, marketing, advertising, and so on. Not only will the chart tell us a great deal about the company, but it will be the basis for discovering how things will play out in the future. Once we understand the makeup of the company, we can look at how the planets are currently impacting the company. In this blog post, I will tell you how astrology describes the company. In future posts, I’ll show you how the planets’ alignments can give us information on trends, challenges the company may face, and opportunities coming your way.

Before I go further, I would just like to explain my philosophy as an astrologer on looking at business charts. There is a field of astrology called Astro trading. Astro traders will look at an incorporation chart, what is going on in the world economically and politically, and use this information to trade on the stock market. The aim for the Astro trader is to buy low and sell high! The bottom line – make money. I am not an Astro trader. I look at incorporation charts to help businesses understand the inherent strengths and weaknesses of their company, allowing them to predict and make plans on when to move forward with launching products, change the structure, build teams, and all other regular activities that require solid decision making with the idea of the company making money.

I love to look at incorporation charts in this way. To me, the corporation is a personality. I studied organizational psychology in my post-grad, so I love finding out what makes organizations tick. I am particularly interested because so much has been said about the corporation as a soulless, spiritless legal entity created to limit the liability of its stakeholders. But I believe another type of corporation is coming into being. These are companies that are concerned about making money but also have a social conscience and an environmental concern. One such company of which I have been a client is Marie Forleo Inc.

Marie Forleo Inc. teaches you how to have the business and life you love. The main product is B School, a program to teach entrepreneurs how to run an online business. The company has a spiritual, comedic, lighthearted, and ambitious feel to it. Marie has appeared on Oprah as an up-and-coming thought leader and has used her gifts to teach for Richard Branson’s company. In addition, her company is very philanthropic and makes sure to give back to the community. I love Marie Forleo Inc’s brand and so I am going to use the company to demonstrate my process later on.

With all of that said, here is how a business chart works. The Planets represent the different aspects of the company. The sign in which they are located describes how they operate; the aspects to other planets give even more description. Each of these planets also sits in a house within the chart. Houses describe the various areas of business. The planet is the ‘what,’ the sign is the ‘how,’ and the house is the ‘where.’ Houses with no planets simply indicate that it’s not likely an area of concern or focus.

For instance, the Sun is the character of the company. The character is described by the sign Capricorn (ambitious, big business, methodical) and it shows the most activity in the 10th house of public visibility and standing.

Here is what each planet represents in the incorporation chart.

  • Sun – the character of the company. Some companies are closely tied to and named after the main owner of the company and so this can also describe that person and how they are branded.
  • Moon – investors/customers
  • Mercury – communications
  • Venus – the day-to-day collection of cash values and rules.
  • Mars – sales force ability to get products to market
  • Jupiter – CEO – how various departments are coordinated.
  • Saturn – CFO, managers, pricing, profits, and all other financial aspects.
  • Uranus – internet, technology
  • Neptune – advertising and marketing
  • Pluto – legal

These are what each house represents:

  • First house – the people who make the company work; also shows the character of the people that make the company a good place to work.
  • Second house – shows the liquid assets of the corporation and its buying power. This house describes the money earned from sales, its products, or services. If the house is empty, it’s not a problem; it just shows that there’s rarely cash flow issues.
  • Third house – represents contracts and communications within the company. It has to do with public statements about the inner workings of the company; travel and traffic related to the company.
  • Fourth house– the house of managers and vice presidents of the corporation. It’s also the real estate of the business and the location where the business take place. Interestingly, Marie for Leo has a fourth house cusp in cancer which sometimes shows a home business or a business at home.
  • Fifth house- represents speculation, social activities, entertainment, and conventions.
  • Sixth house- represents the workers and their attitude about the environment. On-the-job training is also part of the six house as are labor unions.
  • Seventh house – shows different types of business dealings with others. It can be contracts, trade agreements, mergers, etc. It’s also lawsuits or legal affairs. It can show business to business partnerships.
  • Eighth house– the house of debt. It shows frozen assets of loans, interest income, and mortgages of the company. Financial conditions around partnerships, mergers,and/or lawsuits are also shown here.
  • Ninth house- explains advertising, mid-level management, and corporate officials in general. It shows publicity and public relations and media campaigns. Consultants with the company are also shown here.
  • Tenth house – shows the CEO and the president. Governing authority and credit ratings in the public standing of the company are also shown here.
  • Eleventh house – the house of shareholders and friends of the corporation. It also shows social activities, fraternal groups,clubs, and philanthropic activities.
  • Twelfth house – shows where the dividends are paid out to the Shareholders and the booked values of shares. It also shows any interactions with the government and institutions as well as labour unions.


Marie Forleo Inc - Business ChartMarie Forleo International, Inc.

Marie’s business chart has a lot of planets in Capricorn and Aquarius. This arrangement shows a company that is humanitarian, innovative, and progressive but also conventional, practical, and disciplined. An overwhelming number of those planets are in the earth element, which highlights a company’s practicality and efficiency. The company has a common sense approach to the way it does business. It also has many of the planets in Cardinal signs which means that it is a company that will rise to challenges and will take action for change.

Most of the planets in the chart are in the 1st, 9th, 10th and 11th houses which makes it an excellent business chart.

The first house in a business chart describes how the world sees the company. It shows the character of the company. Forget the surveys that measure the most attractive companies or the best places to work, the first house will tell us the truth! It also shows how you come across to the competition.

Marie’s company has Aries on the first house, which shows a company that loves the freedom of expression, taking action, and being spontaneous. We see this often on Marie TV with the occasional bleeped-out expletive… all in fun! Even its tagline “a business and life you love” supports its free expression.

Marie Forleo Inc also has the moon in the first house. It’s a Taurus moon, so while there is this action-oriented, forge new territory persona, there is also a traditional and reliable side to the business. The moon in the first house is also open-hearted, responsive to people, and loves to be in the limelight. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so it’s got an aesthetically pleasing, attractive quality to it. It’s nicely connected to the 11th house, which is the house of day-to-day business, groups, and social interaction, ensuring that it’s a popular company.

The people represented by the moon are the investors and customers. Both will feel very comfortable with the energy presented by the moon in the first house, so the company can expect to have good relations with these people.

If you are planning a company, it’s always good to launch when the moon is in a phase that represents growth. A waxing moon or a first-quarter moon is always good. Marie Forleo Inc was incorporated during the first quarter which gives it an orientation to action and getting things done.

The 9th house is the house of advertising, mid-level management, publicity, publishing, and media.

The company has Sagittarius on the cusp of the ninth house showing a company that sells itself on its ability to teach. It is also constantly teaching itself, so continually grow its knowledge base, expertise, and wisdom.

Mars and Pluto are the sales and legal aspects of the company. With both in the 9th house, it’s a combustible combination. It’s an energy that needs to be properly placed as it has great potential to be transformative in its quest with 9th house matters – teaching publicity and media. It’s also very resourceful and can be competitive to the very last fight. If there are problems with respect to sales or legal issues, losing will not be within its vocabulary.

The 10th house is the house of honour, public standing, and shows the CEO or President. It also shows the company’s credit standing (all very public).

Aquarius on the 10th house cusp shows a company that is leading edge, visionary, and progressive. This is likely to be a company that provides the next-level technologies and leads with “blue ocean strategies,” something that it also teaches.

While the 10th house cusp is in Aquarius, the midheaven is in Capricorn. So this is a company very concerned about its reputation and will take great steps to protect it.

The Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Juno are in the 10th house.

The Sun represents the product. In this chart, the Sun is in Capricorn and one of the products that Marie Forleo sells is B School. This is program to help you run an online business. Sure enough, Capricorn represents big business, achievement, and ambition. Anyone who has taken the program will confirm that the product itself calls on you to have a steadfast, patient, and methodical approach in order to achieve success; all Capricorn qualities.

Jupiter represents the CEO (Marie Forleo) and it also represents the character or culture of the company. Jupiter is in Aquarius. Marie has branded herself as the company and, though I am sure we don’t see all aspects of Marie, we do see her brand as progressive and leading edge, and she leads the company with those qualities.

Mercury represents communications which is different from marketing. It’s how the company acts internally to achieve its goals. Good communication is key to positive employee relations and to efficiently achieving the company’s aims. In this chart, Mercury is in Aquarius so the communication is expected to be innovative and friendly. From what I know of the company, it runs with a virtual team, which is extremely innovative. We often hear of their annual retreats to connect in person. giving us the impression that it’s got a friendly and congenial atmosphere. We also get that impression from the customer service, which is extremely responsive and friendly.

Juno is not traditionally considered in incorporation charts. It is one that I look at though as I love to include the feminine. Juno is the marriage asteroid, but in mythology, she was also the protector of the mint. So, on occasion, you will see Juno on minted coins in various countries. In astrology, she is the accountant. She watches over the purse strings. Here Juno in shows a need to partner, so we may see this company collaborate with others to provide products. Because it’s in Capricorn, you can be sure that partnerships will be status-oriented and have all the same qualities as its original product. Juno is also in charge of the accounts and, with Juno in Capricorn, you can be sure that it’s ruled with a conservative and frugal iron fist.

The eleventh house is the house of the stockholders or friends of the corporation. Venus and Neptune are in this house for the Marie Forleo Inc. Chart.

Venus is the money and day-to-day financial collection. Venus is in Pisces. And, although the internet is new, I tend to believe that it is ruled by Pisces. Pisces always describes things that are hard to pinpoint or describe… what is the internet? Where is it exactly? As far as I know, the collection of money and all money transactions within this company take place on the internet.

Neptune is advertising and marketing. Neptune is in Aquarius. Again here we see innovative, cutting-edge ways of leading advertising and marketing. Because it is in the eleventh house, the advertising and marketing will happen through friends of the corporation. We see this with her use of Affiliate programs. It also uses philanthropic activities as a promotional opportunity.

Saturn and Uranus are off to themselves in this chart. Saturn is in the 6th house which represents the workers in the company. Saturn is also the CFO, the guy who handles the money decisions. This shows a company with a strong need for financial structures. The health of the company will depend on it. It is in Virgo, so there are good rules and regulations in place and it runs practically.

I haven’t discussed aspects in this overview of the business chart as I thought that might be TMI . But I will mention that this is the one place in the incorporation chart where there may be some power struggles.

Uranus is on the opposite side of the chart in the 12th house. This is, for the most part, the hidden part of the company. Uranus is not badly placed here for it represents the web or technical parts of the company.

We don’t see these parts so on the inside there may be wars between these two departments as Uranus and Saturn oppose one another. Also, there may be lots of ideas and dreams that will be squashed by the CFO in terms of marketing and advertising. On the other hand, it might just hold in the reigns, helping the company operate without going too far overboard.

In another post, I’ll talk about red flags in a company, but luckily Marie Forleo Inc has none. It’s a company with all the signs of success!