Unlocking Astrology’s Power for Perfect Headshots


So you want to hire a photographer and get professional Headshots? When is the Best and the Worst Times according to astrology?

If you’re running a business you’ve gotta have one! It’s your face on your website, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Most professionals also have it on their Gmail or Outlook. When people see who you are they see a professional they can put a name to a face. It can show your personality. It helps people to form an opinion or an impression about you and whether they can trust you.

Headshots can be expensive. No matter what you’re using your headshot for you want to make sure you look the best. Headshots will look a little different depending on what you’re using them for if you’re using them for acting or corporate kind of work or just a beauty aesthetic kind of web presence. A good photographer will be able to capture your best side but why not set up your photo shoot for the best time astrologically? With that in mind here are the best and worst transit for Headshots

Worst times

One of the worst times to get a headshot done is when Venus is retrograde! Venus Retrograde is a time when everything to do with beauty, love and aesthetics goes wrong. It’s not a great time to get your hair done. Nor to do anything aesthetic-enhancing. It’s certainly not a good time to do cosmetic surgery. It’s 40 days when you will have bad hair. Your clothes will fit a little oddly and you will look a little out of place. It is also the worst time for looking good on film. So this is one of the times that you want to avoid doing a head shot

Best times

Of course, you wanna know what are some of the best times to do a headshot astrologically. So it’s basically when Venus is in her home sign are good times. These signs are Taurus and Libra. Other than that you want to make sure that the moon is making a nice aspect of Venus this could be a conjunction, sextile or a trine.

The absolute best time to do headshots is when Venus is going over your ascendant. So for this, you have to do your Natal chart to figure out where your ascendant is and then wait for Venus to go over that point. Your ascendant is how you present yourself to the world and so when Venus goes over that point it just accentuates and gives you an added edge to looking good. It gives you a bit of sparkle!

You should update your headshots every two years especially if you’re somebody whose looks change a lot. The good thing is that Venus takes about a year to go around the zodiac so you have at least one time per year when Venus is going to go over your ascendant. On rare occasions, you’ll have a year where Venus will go over your ascendant during a retrograde so you want to avoid the retrograde times and make sure that you take your headshot while Venus is direct.

Where to Find The Best Times

To search for the best and worst times you can sign up for The Business Timing Calendar and you can search for just about anything in the calendar to find the best and worst times to do things timing is important for making sure that you use your time wisely and for balancing your life and your business.

If you want to know what you were your ascendant is and when Venus will go over it, you’ll have to get a Natal chart done you can do that on Astro.com


Here are some pictures from my photo shoot