Filing Taxes – Best & Worst Astrology Transits

We are entering tax season and the tax forms are slowly coming in through the mail. Tax season is great if you have a good bookkeeper or accountant, or if you love to do taxes yourself and you don’t owe taxes. There are two parts to your taxes, preparing and then filing them. When preparing your taxes you want to be detailed and thorough. You also want strategies that allow you to reduce your taxes as much as you can and in some cases get a refund.

So here are the best in the worst transit for preparing and filing your taxes.

Best transits

The best time for preparing your taxes is when there is an aspect that will help with attention to detail. Mercury’s sextile or trine (or even conjunct) to Saturn is a great one. It’s even better if one or both of these guys are in earth signs like Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus. Earth signs tend to be detailed and meticulous and they like to make sure things are done right.

When it comes to actually filing your taxes do you want to pick a time when the moon is void-of-course. This helps to fly under the radar for audit purposes. There’s nothing worse than an audit!

Worst transits

One of the worse times to do your taxes is when Venus and Mars are squaring this is because it makes us very careless. Other times that are not so great are when the planets (moon, sun, venus, mars, and mercury) are making a square or an opposition to Neptune. With a square, we can be dishonest. We can miss things and generally create major errors in the work that we do. If there is an opposition and we are hiring somebody, we may hire or get advice from someone sketchy.

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