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Creating an Invention – Best & Worst Transits

In 1975 the mood ring was popularized. It’s a pretty funky ring that changes colors based on your mood. Though it was promoted sold by two gentlemen, it was actually created a couple of years prior to that by a man named Marvin Wernick. It was said that he had a child who was not well and had a fever. In the hospital, the doctor placed in thermotropic tape on the child’s head and that change colours to let the doctor know the child had a fever. Marvin, who was a jeweler, saw this and was amazed. He got an idea to create a piece of jewelry that did something like the thermal tropic tape. And so the mood ring was created, changing colour based on your body temperature/mood. So what are the best transit for creating these kinds of inventions?

Best transits

Uranus is usually featured when there is an invention. Look for our positive aspect (sextile, trine or conjunction) from planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter) to Uranus. You may also see inventions created when there are oppositions and squares. This may be the case when an invention is created out of an accident.

The next thing that you want to look at is what sign you’re Uranus is in. When the mood ring was created it was the 1970’s. Around that time Uranus was in Libra. Libra is the sign of aesthetics and beauty, and so it doesn’t surprise me that an inventive piece of jewelry may have been created and definitely was popular during that time.  Uranus spends 7 years in a sign and is currently in Taurus. As an example, Taurus is associated with food and agriculture and so things like food security inventions and so on are likely to be happening around this time.

Worst transits

Basically any other aspect. Uranus is the key feature in invention, so if there are no aspects to you’re not likely to see one.

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