Conferences and Retreats: Best & Worst Astrology Transits

Even if you’re a one-woman business show, retreats and conferences are important times in your business to check in and create alignment with the big picture.

Retreats and conferences are like ‘work’cations’ they help us to get away from the day-to-day, gain perspective grow and align. If you have a team they can help you to connect, get to know each other, collaborate and share goals. If you work alone, you’re able to connect and envision goals for yourself and your business and dive deeper into self-knowledge.

The ultimate goal is to align with your values, mission, and strategy or if you don’t have them, develop them.

So when is the best time astrologically to go on a retreat or to a conference?

Best Transits

Jupiter retrograde! Jupiter is all about expansion and growth. When direct, Jupiter can help us to expand products, bring products to market and with expanding sales. When Jupiter is retrograde, things turn inwards –  Jupiter also is the ruler of learning and inward expansion means self-reflection. For this reason, it’s a great time to slow down and do that staff retreat or attend a conference.

Other transits that are good for retreats and conferences include Mercury or the sun making an easy (sextile or trine) to Jupiter. These are times when we’re open to learning, can have greater acceptance of others and can build knowledge, confidence and optimism.

Another really good time is when Mercury is making easy aspects to the Nodes. This can help us to get on the right path because the nodes are all about the direction we and/or our businesses are moving in.

Worst Transits

One of the worst times to go to a conference or a retreat is when Neptune is square to Jupiter. Things can get a little strange – even a little cult-like. This is because when Jupiter is in the square to Neptune it brings out the negative side of both planets. This includes overestimations, exaggerations, and strong beliefs that may be unchecked. There can be ‘Guru’ types that lead you in strange and misleading directions.

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