Collecting Money – Best & Worst Astrology Transits

Collecting money in your business is sometimes very easy and sometimes hard. Depending on your invoicing setup you might receive money when someone purchases something in person, right on the spot. Or you may have a setup where you’re collecting half upfront and half at the end. Finally, you may have a net 30 days setup where you’re waiting 30 days to be paid.

Two of the toughest are the net 30 days and a half up front, and half at the end. It can be tough to collect, especially after you’ve done the work. If you find yourself in this situation and you need to collect, here are some of the best and worst astrology transits for collecting money.

Best Transit

One of the best transits for collecting money is when Venus is about to go retrograde or is in the early days of a Venus retrograde. This is because people will be in a spending mood.  But because they will have a hard time keeping money, it is best if you get in early before they run out of money! Venus retrograde is notorious for making us want to spend more money, and so if you wait till the end of the transit you may not get your money. You will find people very generous towards the beginning.

Another great time is when the moon is in the sign that represents your clients and is making a nice aspect (sextile, trine or conjunction) with planets such as Venus and Jupiter or even Mercury.  For example, if you sell travel products you might have clients that are represented by a Sagittarius Moon (Sagittarius is wanderlust).  A moon in Sagittarius making a nice aspect to one of those planets helps to ensure that you get paid.

Check out the sign that represents your clients here.

Worst transits

I know I say this a lot, but one of the worst transit is when the moon is void-of-course. This is because nothing will come of it. You’ll be wasting your time reaching out to people who will not be responsive! Other planets can also go a void-of-course. Two of them that you want to avoid our when Venus or Jupiter is void-of-course. Venus represents our ability to attract money and so that’s why it’s associated with collecting money and Jupiter represents our ability to expand and also represents the ability to expand resources. When a planet is void- of-course, it means that it has made an aspect to a planet and will not make another aspect until it leaves that sign. It’s often difficult to tell when Venus or Jupiter is void if you are not an astrologer, but if you avoid the last couple of degrees when they are in a particular sign you’re sure to be okay. If they are about to change signs, it is probably better not to bother trying to collect.

If you want to know the best and worst transits, you can sign up for the business timing calendar. It’s searchable!