Make a plan, stay on plan and make your year the most productive and balanced year yet!

  Stop working all the time and flow with the right timing.

  Avoid shiny object syndrome, FOMO (fear of missing out) and spend your time doing the right things for you.

  Be unapologetic about your downtime, time for inner reflection, vacation and recuperation, knowing that your productive times are productive.

  Get to your hopes and dreams faster.

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  Auspicious and magical days for major business activities (product launches, business deals, signing contracts)

  Days to avoid major business activities (product launches, business deals, signing contracts) so you don’t lose money

  Frustrating days (days that will be filled with computer crashes, lost data, phone issues, and travel headaches)

  Days to avoid wasting time and money

  Days that are better used for relaxing or reviewing

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  Search for favourable days for most business activities,

  Days to avoid important business activities, etc.

  Moon phases and signs so that can flow with the energy cycles of the moon,

  Retrogrades and,

  Special events

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