Moon goes void of course

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Moon goes void of course

When things are done during the moon void of course a couple of things will happen… or better put, not happen. The moon void of course means that the moon is not engaged. For business deals to turn out, they must be done when the moon is engaged. Engaged means that the moon is making an applying aspect to one of the main planets; Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, or Jupiter. The moon is the first action of the event chart and if it’s sleepy, the action taken during that time will also be sleepy. Therefore, actions taken during the moon void of course will not get off the ground, nothing will happen or they will just plain fail.

The best way to use the moon void of course is to run errands or use it for downtime.

Or you may want to use it strategically. That is, use it to start things that you know you would like to go nowhere. For instance, I met with my lawyer for the first time on a legal issue that I knew I didn’t want to go to court. When negotiating, I made sure to squeeze the opposing side into a void of course time frame; I knew their threats would go nowhere.

Try it out. Check back on a deal you made that didn’t work out to see if you initiated it when the moon was void of course


March 4, 2024
10:39 AM EST
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